Spesification Sony Ericsson TM506 Stylies Phone

Sony Ericsson made a breakthrough with the release of a model release handphoneTM506 clamshell (flip), this handset products come from Sweden and Japan. Although the Sony Ericsson said on its website "will present" series TM506 mobile products,

This product features a full 2-inch TFT display (240x320) with 256 K colors. connectivity supported tri-band GSM (850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) with GPRS and EDGE, Push mail. Fm radio, Mp3 player. Bluetoth 2.0 and 2 megapixel camera

Mobile is indicated for the middle-low class and the handset is shown for the middle class, the specification offered by the Sony Ericsson TM506

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Prices and Specifications Motorola features QCDMA

Price 1,799,000, -

Motorola did not want to miss in the development for its CDMA mobile phone is proven with the launch of new handsets for CDMA Motorola MOTO QCDMA ie, phone does not haphazardly made that features presented for good and complete enough.

Technology MOTO QCDMA adopted include:
Dual-band CDMA 800/1900
-EVDO (Evolution Data Online / only) Support for high-speed data access
-1.3 MP camera
External mini-SD card
-Bluetooth A2DP

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Prices and specifications Motorola Q9h can chat and Facebook

Moto Q9h Price Rp 2,599,000, --

Motorola took the latest smartphones and of course with competitive price.
Superior features of this phone is ditanamkannya has 3.5 G technology, windows mobile 6.0, Qwerty keyboard and a 2 MP camera.

Other Features:
To connect: GPRS class 12, EDGE class 12, USB, Bluetooth, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps
Other: - GPS (Q 9h global version only)
- Java MIDP 2.0
- MP3/AAC music player
- MPEG4/H.263/MWV/H.264 video recording & playback
- Voice memo
- Voice dial
- Built-in handsfree

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Specifications Micxon Mobile TV CTV 880 Most Cleanest Sound Dual on GSM-CDMA and N73 Model

Indonesia longer present mobile TV market with a dual facility on GSM, CDMA, handset Micxon CTV 880 offers for this type of handset kulifikasi than dula on GSM-CDMA phones are also claimed to have a clear voice quality.

Full specifications are Micxon CTV 880:

 Dual On (GSM CDMA).
 Touch Screen LCD 2.6 "TFT, 262K color.
 MP3/MP4 player.
 Digital Camera.
 Video player & recorder.
 TV Phone
 Languages: English, Indonesian.
 Image Editor.
 Bluetooth, T-Flash card, Micro USB.

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Prices and specifications Mito 8100 dual GSM mobile phone on Create Facebook More Enjoy

Price Rp 1.350.000, -

Mito is also local producers with assets of investors from China to launch new products that were handphine Mito 8100 series, this phone is made with the aim of the advanced features of Internet access that is more loved now for access to facebook.

Full specifications of the 8100 Mito itself, namely:
-Dual on GSM tri band
-VGA camera
-applications: JAVA, MP3/MP4 FM Radio, 1-touch instant facebook, yahoo messenger and E-Buddy
-Connections: Bluetooth A2DP, GPRS and WAP
-Features: MicroSD card slot, MMS, E-book, video record

Create SMS kypad full of more fast

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Specifications Micxon MTV Mobile TV 880 Dual on GSM-GSM Like to N85 Model

Mobile home singapore Manufacturer Micxon ketingglan not want to market their latest mobile phone product that is MTV's 880, this phone has dual capability on GSM-GSM.

Other specifications as follows:
- Dual On (GSM + GSM).
- Touch Screen LCD 2.2 "TFT, 262K color.
- Features: MP3/MP4 player, SMS, MMS, WAP, Video player & recorder, Image Editor.
- VGA Digital Camera
- Sliding TV Phone
- Languages: Bahasa, Indonesia.
- Connection: Bluetooth, T-Flash card, Micro USB.

Tags: cheap music phone, camera cheap mobile phone, mobile phone latest updates MTV Micxon 880, good local phone, mobile phone update workshops / china MTV 880
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Prices and Specifications LG GM200 Hear music Loud and clear

Price Rp 1.100.000, -

LG mobile has just put out a new product that claimed to be the first Sony Ericsson products have Dolby Mobile technology System 2.1 Ch Subwofer Stereo Speaker and Wireless FM makes you even more exciting music listened to the sound quality is clear dank eras, not just noise.

Screen: 2.0 inch 176x220 pixels, candybar design, 256 k color
Connection: GPRS Class 10 (4 1 / 3 2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps, EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps, Bluetooth, USB, WAP 2.0 xHTML, JAVA MIDP 2.0.
Camera: 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, video QCIF @ 15fps
Features: FM radio with RDS, built-in antenna
- Dolby Surround Sound Technology
- 3 speakers (two stereo speakers one woofer)
- 3.5mm audio jack
- MPEG4/H.263 player
- MP3/AAC/AAC / AAC / WMA / AMR / MIDI player
- Organizer
- Smart Profiling through the sensor noise
- T9

available colors: Black, Silver, Gold (GM200); Black, Red (GM205)

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Specification K-touch A933 dual GSM mobile phone on Lean design

China manufacturer of home phone incessantly bermanufer, this time they launch a mobile phone A933 with dual on GSM and slim design that has only 10.5 mm thick

A933 Specification:
-dual GSM on a single line
10.5-mm slim design
-camera VGA (640x 480 pixels)
-connection: Bluetooth stereo A2DP, GPRS
-Features: MP3 player, and ringing tones, FM radio recording schedule, blacklist for calls, WAP 2.0 xHTML
-500 Contacts and 200 SMS

Tags: cheap camera phone, cheap mobile music, mobile Dual on GSM, the new update local phonecell / china phonecell, mobile K-touch A933
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Big Offer For Sale Kodak Easy share digital camera 10 MP camera at Low Prices

Price Rp 999,000, -

Massive discounts made by Kodak for Kodak products Easy Share Camera A1013, since the specifications are pretty good that well-known vendors are supported, this opportunity may never miss berecana for readers who want to buy a digital camera.

Camera Specifications Kodak Easy Share A1013:

-10.3 effective Megapixels
- 34-102mm equiv lens with 3x optical zoom
- 2.4 inches LCD with 115,000 dots resolution
- ISO sensitivity up to 1000
- 6 shooting modes, including 17 Scene Modes Blur Reduction mode
- In-camera image editing
- Movie mode: 640 x 480 pixels @ 20 fps
- Optional accessories available, including EasyShare Printer Dock

Tags: digital camera Kodak Easy Share A1013, 10 MP digital camera cheap digital camera updates Kodak Easy Share A1013 cheaper.
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Prices and Specifications Package XL Bundle A30 HT Mobile Chating Can Facebook

Price Rp 549,000, --

Competition among mobile operators and between mobile phone vendors, leading them to each other mutual simbiosis as did Xl with HT-Mobile took the A30 handset for the latest package that offers some ease and bonuses.

Bonus from XL for this package:
-Gratis1 MB of data
-Gartis 10 minutes talk and 10 SMS kesesama XL. For each refill to-2 S / D to 10, with a minimum charge Rp 10.000, --

Complete Specification A30:
On-Dual GSM 900 / 1800Mhz
Half Qwerty-Phone, LCD 2.0 "QCIF, 176x220, VGA Camera
-Memory up to 16 GB
-Connections: Bluetooth A2DP, GPRS class 12
Features: FM Radio & Recorder
850-mAh Battery, Flash light, MP3 ringtones,
-Applications: Magic sound, MSN shortcut, E buddy shortcut, Facebook Shortcut,
Other: Sound & Video recorder, E-Book Reader Black list / Firewall

Tags: facebook mobile HT-A30, handphone cheap camera, cheap camera phone, mobile phones, mobile phone bundle Ht-A30 XL, the latest mobile phone updates local / China
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HPrices and specifications Taxco DM79 Dual-mode GSM + CDMA TV facebook The Cheap no more

Price Rp 1.600.000

Taxco buzz by launching products with mobile TV and mobile phone Dual mode GSM cDNA-DM79, who would not want a very full-featured mobile phone from the TV facility GSM CDMA dual mode to Video and MP3 player.

Taxco DM79 full specifications:
Smart dual-mode on GSM and CDMA / GSM
Analog TV-integrated
-Facebook and chat applications
-TV, recorder, FM recorder
-Bluetooth A2DP
-Emulator games
-Mp3, Midi Ringtones
-Multi language (Bahasa, Indonesia)

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Prices and Specifications K-Touch V310 Mobile TV Slim and Lightweight

Price Rp 1.300.000, --

China manufacturer of mobile phones hit the market from Indonesia with variety of new products one of which is practically adalh As with V310 mobile TV featured thin and light, though the boom dengna mobile TV feature was over but with the addition of online vendors fasilita s sure V310 will sell products on the market.

V310 Specifications:
Dual GSM-on (single Line)
-Screen QVGA 2.4 ", 262K TFT color
-Analog TV shortcuts middle _tombol
-Video and Music Player (MP3, AVI, 3GP, MP4)
-Radio FM schedule recording
-Connections: Bluetooth A2DP, JAVA MIDP 2.0
-Card slot microSD up to 8 GB
-Applications: MSN messenger

Tags: cheap tv mobile music, mobile china K-touch V310, cheap camera phone, china mobile phone updates, the latest mobile workshops / china
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Specification Axis Service Pack Cheap Blackberry (Bold Blackberry Curve 9000 and 8900)

Enjoy the convenience of services and management of AXIS Worry Free, this is the slogan that outlined by AXIS mobile operators. They can provide counter menklaim unlimited Internet access for users who buy a package Blacberry Curve 9000 and Bold 8900 they offer, do not forget the ease-kemudahn will be given to purchasers of this package such as:

-Discount 50% for 3 months for unlimited monthly package
-Service access Unlimiter began Rp 3900 per day
-Installment 0% up to 12 months.

Blacberry Bold 9000 Specifications:

OS: OS Balckberry
2G (quad band), tree 3.G band HSDPA, FULL QWERTY, 65 k color, MP3 and video player, 1 GB memory (microSD up 8 GB), 2 MP camera.
Connection: GPRS, EDGE, WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB
Other: Built-in GPS, BlackBerry maps, DataViz document viewer / editor, Java, Organizer, Calculator, Voice dial, Built-in handsfree, Voice memo.

Blacberry Curve 8900 Specifications:
OS: OS Balckberry

2G (quad band), FULL QWERTY, 65 k color, MP3 and video player, 1 GB memory (microSD up 8 GB), 3.15 MP camera.
Connection: GPRS, WI-FI, Bluetooth, USB
Other: Built-in GPS, aGPS function, Java, Media player, BlackBerry maps, Organizer, Calculator, Voice dial, Built-in handsfree

Tags: Axis unlimited Blackberry package access, offering cheaper packages axis blackberry, blackberry data access package from axis
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Prices and Specifications K-Touch A662 Slim and Elegant

Price Rp 1.200.000, --

China manufacturer of home phone K-Touch out of the phone that claims to have a thin physical, this is reinforced by the thickness of the handset is only 10 mm for phone A662 series. to specifications K-Touch is no different with phones other china production.

Specification is embedded in addition to A662 Dual GSM on (single line) is jugaEDGE to support access speeds in facebook, then 2.4-inch TFT 262 k color, 2 MP camera, Video, Radio, MP3, Bluetooth, microSD slot up 8 GB, JAVA MSN messenger e-mail, 2000 phonebook, 3 + effect screen themes, 2000 SMS, mobile tracker and blacklist (trackers thieves).

Tags: mobile phone K-Touch A662, cheap mobile music K-touch A662, 2 MP camera phone cheap, cell phone updates the latest K-Touch A662, facebook mobile
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Specifications Price Mobile 2009 guidance package Esia recomendasi MUI (IMajelis Ulama Indonesia) can acces facebook to

To welcome the holy month of Ramadan many competing mobile operators menawrkan specific item that smells of religion to boost market sale. One of them is Esia (Bakrie telecom). Through the two latest mobile phones are the product of Huwei.

For First package offered at a price of Rp 299,000, - with the content:

full-Qur'an 30 juz, with Latin letters and arabic translation
-adzancell, prayer time marker
-counter dhikr
-collection of hadith Riyadhus Shalihin
-baca/dengarkan lectures and sermons (ustadz Muhammad Ustadz Arifin Ilham and other prominent)
inspired faith, a collection of nuanced reading Islamic books
Muslim-news, always updated with the news of Islamic
-infaq applications, easier to donate to various organizations
super-durable battery 10 days
Color screen -65
32chord-polyphonic ring tones
-photo frame application and selection of Islamic-themed images.

For the second package is offered at a price of Rp 499.000, - to the content

-Al-Quran 30 juz complete with an arab, latin, translation and chanting holy verses Murottal MP3
-Adhan Voice with MP3 sound original, chanting voices adzan of Nabawi mosque, Masjid haram al-Azhar and Cairo.
four options and dhikr dhikr counter applications
clusters Riyadhus Shalihin haditz
-baca/dengarkan lectures and sermons of inspiration and ustadz other intelligent
Muslim-news, always updated with the news of Islamic
-infaq applications, easier to donate to various organizations
Opera mini-browser: browse Facebook, frienster, gmail, etc.
-VGA camera
2-GB MicroSD card
-262K TFT 1.8 inch color screen

for all the packages above get bonus talktime upRp14.300,-

tags: facebook mobile, the package of guidance esia 2009, esia Islamic package, the latest handphone esia, update mobile phone, mobile cahting
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Prices and Specifications D-one DG-628 mobile facebook FunBerry XL Bundle and free Internet service for 5 month

RP price 999,000, --

D-one mobile one of the local mobile market players, recent product launches D-one DG-628 which uses qwerty keyboard (the keyboard) like blackberries.

cooperation with PT Exelcomindo Pratama, DG-628 provides free internet access facility for 5 months without the need to fill in all the pulse does not exceed a predetermined quota if the parties in this case operatot Exelcomindo Pratama PT.

Features of the D-one DG-628:

Dual GSM 900/1800 MHz (1 SIM card lock XL)

-Button trackball navigation

-Motion Shake
-Display with Blackberry

-262k TFT color display colors

-Radio FM


-Camera 2 MP resolution

-Voice Recorder

-Stereo speakers

-Jack 3.5mm standard audio


-Slot microSD (already included microSD for 1GB), 20MB internal memory


-Phonebook 2000 entries with a capacity

tags: facebook mobile, free free mobile internet, D-one DG-628, facebook mobile bunddle XL, funberry from D-one and XL
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New Blackberry CDMA-GSM 9630 Tour Price and Spesification

Price Rp 6,300,000, -

Actually not only this time it released RIM Blackberry devices for CDMA networks. But as the revolution that made RIM's products, the 9630 Tour could be called CDMA-GSM blackberry's first with a new concept, but unfortunately these products are not dual on, so must gentian if you want to move CDMA or GSM network.

Full specifications:
-Os: blackberry OS 4.7.1
-Processor: 528 MHz
-Screen: 65 K color TFT, HVGA (480x360 pixels), 2.4 inches
-Camera: 3.2 MP, video recorder
-SMS, MMS, PUSH MAIL corporate and individual accounts via BIS
-Internal memory: BES
-External Memory: 256 MB flash, 16 GB microSD hingg
-connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, Mini USB data cable
-Browser: Blackberry Browser
-Data Transfer: HSDPA, EVDO rev-A, 1x, EDGE, GPRS
-File Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC +, E-AAC +, RA, WAV and M4a
-File Video: DivX, XviD (MPEG4 Advanced Simple Profile), H.263, WMV3
-Speakerphone, Voice Recorder
-Network: 1900/1800/850 MHz GSM, CDMA 800/1900 MHz
-Applications: Blackberry music player, game, blackberry maps, facebook, Accuweather, blackberry messenger, googletalk, AIM, MSN, woed Togo, Google maps

tags:blackberry cdma, blabberry gsm, blabberry CDMA-GSM,New update blabberry , blabberry tour 9630.
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Price and Spesification for Flexi Muslim 2009 and Nexian Nexberry c900

In order to welcome the holy month of ramadan flexi make a breakthrough with the launch of a variety of attractive packages for flexi loyal customers throughout Indonesia. these packages already contain a variety of content and Islamic features very useful to decorate the faith of the heart

these features include:

Mobile Quran: the Koran and the Koran tajwid colored player

Zakat and infaq: calculator zakat, zakat payments via flexi cash and infaq

Islamku (E-book): Pillars of Faith and Islam, Jurisprudence and Muamalat Sirat, Prayer and Remembrance

Popular Islam: Islamic Book popular, popular Islamic Science (Harun yahya series), Jurisprudence and Islamic Digest kontemporen and Republika

Hadith: Muslim hadith Bukhori full search features.

New Khazanah: Flexitone Islam, Islamic Novel Best Seller, Prayer-Dhikr-Tausiyah

Kiosk Islam: Flexi other Islamic tone, wallpaper and ringtone, Muslim Bazar shopping with a discount from the merchant

People Info: Info Muslims and community activities, anyone can be updated

Islamic Application (ADZAN and dhikr): ADZAN, AlMatsurat (dhikr), Asmaul Khusna, Tausiyah

Qibla Direction: Qibla direction penunjuka application

handphonenya packages to their own kind flexi package offers 4 types namely:

1. ZTE S100 with price Rp 325.000, --

2. C8989 HIER for Rp 399,000

3. C900 Nexian for Rp 999,000 (Model mirib Nexberry)

4. Haier C600 at a price of USD $ 649,000

tag:Muslim flexi package 2009, c900 Nexian phone, mobile flexi Muslims
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